Georgia Green Landscapes Program protects natural resources

The Georgia Green Landscape Stewards program is helping property owners protect water resources and save maintenance and utility costs usually associated with traditional intensive landscaping methods.University of Georgia AgricultureExtension agents developed the certification program to provide fact-based information to property managers and help them implement sustainable resource practices in their landscape. A Georgia Green Landscape Stewards website and YouTube video channel providestormwater, water qualityand conservation videos, presentationsand resources for Extension agents. Water conservation, water qualityand stormwater webinars were presented to statewide audiences in the spring of 2021.In the program’s first year (March-October 2021), more than 1,200 viewers have watched educational videos on the YouTube channel, and more than 2,200 unique visitors to the website have received information onsustainable landscape practices. Participants have reached certification-level status at 65 different properties in Georgia, and the program is averaging more than fivecertified landscapes per month.Link to full statement on website: title (file name): Photo credit: