Who We Are

The Land-Grant University system is a uniquely American institution and has operated successfully for more than a century. This website documents and demonstrates the collective and individual impacts of this national system of joint teaching, research, and extension institutions. Members of the general public can learn more about the public value of Land-Grant Universities. Authorized employees of Land-Grant institutions can also access the database, which allows them to create impact statements and view/edit benchmarking data for their institution.

Creating Great Impact Statements

Since the research, education and Extension work is publicly supported, we have an obligation to report a measurable difference each program makes or can potentially make.  A well-written impact statement shows public accountability, your response to an issue and collaboration. It can be a tracking system for your project, offer a brief update, show return on investment and support future funding requests.  Impact statements fulfill state and federal reporting needs.


Tips for Writing and Reviewing Impact Statements