Split ponds still the cat’s meow for catfish production

To survive hard economic times, catfish producers must improve production efficiency. Extension scientists at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff evaluated the water quality and efficacy of the split ponds system for raising catfish.In the split pond, the fish are contained in one section of the pond, where they are fed, aerated and harvested. Because only the section containing fish is aerated, costs may be lower using a split pond system versus a traditional pond system. The researchers found the split ponds system is highly productive, with catfish yields approaching 20,000 pounds per acre compared to the 4,500 pounds per acre in standard production ponds. Currently, there are 49 split-pond units in Arkansas, an increase of 40 from a year ago. Farm gate value forfish produced using this systemis estimated at 7.8 million pounds of fish valued at $11 million.

Link to full statement on website: https://landgrantimpacts.tamu.edu/impacts/show/5413