Featured Nutrition & Health Impacts

  • SUMMARY: Fighting Obesity at Every Age

    Obesity adversely affects human health at all stages of life. Today, young people have a shortened life...

  • SUMMARY: Healthy Families

    Educational programs for parents are helping families eat better and be more active, which can...

  • Story: Goats

    Changing animal diets could reduce saturated fats in meat and milk Altering animal diets may be an...

  • Story: MyCD

    Adults manage chronic disease with MyCD In New Mexico, patients suffering from chronic conditions...

  • Story: Vaccines

    Aluminum key to foiling disease Aluminum is widely used in vaccines to increase their...

  • Story: Mosquitoes

    Research solves cipher of mosquito eggs Researchers have figured out how to tell which eggs belong...

  • Story: Oysters

    Good (and safe) news for oyster lovers Food scientists in Oregon are developing new ways to ensure safe...

Providing for your family's health through nutrition, genomics, physical activity, wellness, and management of chronic disease.

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