Uprooted pecan trees due to Hurricane Michael.
By Clint Thompson

Pecans weather Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael passed directly through the heart of Georgia’s pecan producing region, the top pecan-growing area in the nation. University of Georgia experts estimate the state lost 17% of its pecan acreage, or a loss of around 741,285 trees on more than 27,000 acres. The loss to the 2018 crop is valued at $200 million and, combined with the total loss of trees, a $560 million hit to Georgia’s pecan industry.

Information on the UGA Pecan Blog before and after the storm kept growers, county Extension agents, pecan buyers and government officials updated. Over seven days around the storm, the blog had more than 9,300 page views and the information was included in numerous news stories around the world, documenting the storm’s devastation. The blog provided valuable estimates of the extent of damage for government agencies, which helped expedite applications for emergency cleanup funds through USDA. This quick action and accurate evaluation helped mitigate the damage to the industry from the storm.