New, more rapid test for swine fever virus

New, more rapid test for swine fever virus

Researchers at the University of Illinois developed a test for African swine fever that is cost effective and noninvasive compared to traditional testing for the disease. The test can be used for rapid detection and control of the swine disease that poses a potential global pandemic threat.

Recent outbreaks of African swine fever virus (ASFV) in China and some European countries threaten the swine industry worldwide. The standard antibody test for the disease uses the live virus, which means it must be administered in high-containment facilities.

Researchers created the bELISA test using recombinant ASFV proteins expressed in E. coli. The combination resulted in an assay that can detect the disease and provide a good alternative to the traditional, more costly and invasive tests.

The bELISA test can be immediately available to ASFV surveillance networks and researchers globally to help control the disease and prevent it from spreading to the United States.

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