Land-grant study draws awareness to reforestation needs across United States

For the first time in America’s history there is a proposed bill in Congress that specifically addresses seed collection and nursery production for reforestation. The bill’s journey began with a paper co-written by a New MexicoState University researcherthat brought attention to the reforestation needs of the United States.Co-authors were from across the country. The paper received national attention in the mainstream media including an article in National Geographic magazine.Senate Bill 2836—America’s Revegetation and Carbon Sequestration Act of 2021—clearly outlines those critical elements (seed collection and nursery programs) necessary to help address the overall reforestation needs of the country.In New Mexico alone, reforestation needs and opportunities are estimated to be between 1 to 2.6 million acres, which would require between 150 to 780 million seedlings, well below the state’s current production capacity of 300,000 seedlings per year. This project has significantly elevated public awareness concerning the challenges to reforesting the United States, especially those areas affected by wildfire. Link to full statement on website: