International workshop on agritourism

International workshop on agritourism

University of Vermont Extension hosted the first international workshop on agritourism in 2022 in Burlington, Vermont. The workshop brought together agricultural producers, researchers, service providers and tourism industry professionals to network and share current developments in agritourism research, outreach and best practices.

More than 500 people attended, which included 352 in-person and 152 online participants. Attendees came from 56 countries, 44 U.S. states/territories and 13 Vermont counties. The conference featured more than 150 presentations and interactive workshops by U.S. and international speakers, a farm-to-table dinner, poster session and field trips to Vermont farms. Presenters shared research, best practices and case studies from their countries. Attendees learned about the logistics of operating an agritourism business, marketing and branding, strategies to build customer loyalty, sustainable tourism and developing regional partnerships, among other topics.

The overwhelming majority of respondents reported benefiting somewhat or significantly in making new contacts, increasing knowledge and understanding of topics and learning about resources related to their work. Seventy percent of support professionals (researchers, extension/service providers, educators and nonprofit and/or government agency staff) planned to create new resources or tools to support agritourism while 75% will develop new project collaborations. Fifty-five percent said that they would implement educational workshops or events.

Overall, the workshop benefited agritourism operators, their communities and customers by providing opportunities for farmers and other agritourism professionals to network and expand their knowledge of best practices, marketing, the logistics of operating an agritourism business and related topics.

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