Integrated turf and roadside vegetative management strategies save taxpayer money

A roadside vegetative management program has trained more than 700 OklahomaDepartment of Transportation (ODOT) employees each year in effective, reduced-risk pesticide selection and use. Through Extension and applied research programs in cooperation with ODOT, the management programs have saved time, energy, labor, fueland funds through reduced mowing and proper selection and use of herbicides for noxious weed control.The program has saved Oklahoma taxpayers from $500,000 to possibly $3.8 million per year in operating expenses.ODOT manages over 800,000 acres of roadside rights-of-way, of which about 140,000 acres aremowed. Between 90,000 and 110,000 acres of mowed state roadsidesare also treated by ODOT with herbicides each year as a part of the integrated program. Between 75 and 100 new right-of-way applicators receive initial certification training and sprayer calibration training each year to improve their skills in roadside vegetation management. Experimental, newor existing herbicide products are tested each year for roadside weed control, resulting in a yearly Approved Herbicide & Adjuvant List used by ODOT and the Oklahoma Department of Central Service in the competitive bid process used to award the state pesticide contract. Thisprocess saves ODOT about $145,000 per year. Link to full statement on website: