Helping Michiganders with mental health and stress reduction

The disruptions and everyday challenges brought on by COVID-19 highlighted just how important mental health is in our families, communities and workplaces. When the pandemic began, Michigan State University Extension’s social-emotional health team pivoted quickly to transition all classes to a virtual space for safety. In addition to changing the format of programming, theteam also developed new online modules in relevant topics. Some of these popular presentations included Maintaining Your Health During Challenging Times, Changing Negative Self-Talk, Mindful Educators and Chronic Stress and Self-Care. As a result of the social-emotional health programming, more than 10,500 adults across Michigan and beyond learned how to manage their anger, reduce stress, thrive as informal caregivers, practice mindfulness and strengthen their families’ and communities’ understanding of and response to mental health crises. Additionally, among the silver linings of the shift to virtual programming was a newfound reach. Participants logged into theprogramming from Wisconsin, Virginia, Alaska and even as far away as Iraq and India.

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