Georgia expands Master Beekeeper Program training

A program to further honeybee populations has multiplied to 1,081 participants, representing 21 states, 381 ZIP codes, and two countries. GeorgiaMaster Beekeeper program participants progress through four grades of increasing complexity and demands: Certified (entry level), Journeyman, Master, and Master Craftsman. The most difficult bottleneck is the Journeyman stage where participants must pass –with a perfect score of 100% –two grueling tests on insect and disease identification. The highest grade, Master Craftsman, requires an independent research project, an activity portfolio, and an oral theoretical and practical exam. It is intended to approximate the experience of a Master of Science program. Popular demand led University of Georgia Extension and entomologists to expand Master Beekeeper training and testing sites to two deputized and vetted local beekeeping clubs, the Tri-County (Maysville area) and Metro (Atlanta) Beekeepers Associations. Additionally, in a high-visibility outreach effort, the Master Beekeeper program has been extended to inmates in Georgia prisons. In 2021, the 1,000th participant passed her certified exam and was inducted into the program.Link to full statement on website: