Dinner theater raises farm safety awareness

For one of the most dangerous occupations worldwide, Extension staff inKentuckyfound a creative way to teach farm safety through a dinner theater.Most farmers in Boone County,Kentucky,are part-time farmers, trying to do a full-time job. This leads to increased stress as they rush to complete chores during daylight hours. Studiesshow that this is a common situation and a catalyst for farm-related injuries. Extension staff, along with state partners, created play scripts based on real-life farm accidents. The plays were presented during a locallysourced dinner that served 250 participants. Specialists led discussions following the plays, encouraging those in attendance to take safety precautions on the farm.Based on evaluations, 62% of the participants reported an increase in farm and home safety measures. One participant evenhad a roll bar installed on his zero-turn lawn mower the very next day. All the participants received face covers, sunscreen and ear plugs to be worn during their daily tasks. In addition, numerous requests have been made to repeat the dinner theater educational event.ork could change the standard of care in U.S. dialysis clinics regarding the safety and efficacy of meals during dialysis. Nutritional supplementation, either alone or in combination with endurance exercise training, may represent a low-cost, easy-to-administer treatment strategy that could potentially improve the health and quality of life of dialysis patients.