Chickens drink up a simple solution to salmonella

Poultry scientists in Georgia found a simple solution to stopping salmonella in chickens: It’s in the water.

The major sources of human salmonella infections are contaminated meat and eggs from salmonella-carrier chickens. Current vaccines are inefficient. Available live vaccines aren’t safe and only reduce salmonella colonization rather than eliminating it. Georgia scientists developed an affordable, first-of-its-kind nanoparticle-based salmonella vaccine that can be delivered to chickens through their drinking water.

Undergraduate student Katie Collins studies poultry sex ratios through the URI program with her mentor. May 2011.
Photo by Stephanie Schupska

The nanoparticle platform can easily be modified to add additional vaccines. The discovery not only improves the health and welfare of chickens, but also provides consumers with poultry products free of foodborne pathogens.